Kinome’s 3 activities

The forest is essential to all human life. We need it to breathe, drink, eat, cure ourselves (one in two anti-cancer drugs come straight from the world’s forests), build our homes, create our tools, relax, heat, store the CO2 emissions we produce, and so much more… There is no substitute for the forest and yet it disappears at the rate of one entire football field every three seconds, especially in tropical countries.

To reverse this trend, Kinomé’s mission is to turn trees into a human and economical development solution. Kinomé develops innovative, profitable and ethical restoration solutions to protect and revalue forests. This leads to tangible multi-partner programmes with a scientifically proven impact.  

Kinomé offers and manages

Consulting on best practices in using trees and forests :

> Companies who want to improve their production and make it more sustainable,

> Institutions wishing to develop and sustainably manage their territory,

> NGOs working to improve the local life and preserve the environment.

Kinomé and its network of experts bring you a comprehensive and innovative global vision.

See the “ACACIA” project / Client : Danone

Project Management for :

> The protection of existing forests

> The restoration of degraded forests

> The promotion of products and services created by forests

Kinome offers guarantees on measuring outcomes and impacts.

See the “Plant for the planet” project / Client : ACCOR

Applied research :

> Deepen the knowledge of what the forest can bring to people and their environment

> Continuously improve the level of our consulting and the efficiency of project management you entrust to us.

Kinomé is a partner of scientific labratories and renowned universities.

See the “Forest/Water/Climate” project / Partenaires : LSCE, LOCEAN, LPAOSF