Kinomé and ethical leadership

Ethical leadership provides benchmarks and tools that can be applied by all and in all situations. Kinomé holds the Ethic’Evolution© label, certifying that the company is part of a dynamic evolution aimed at providing the highest quality of life for all people impacted directly or indirectly by its activities.

Kinomé has a firm commitment

Kinomé is part of the current ethical leadership wave that aims to innovate (leadership) and satisfy the seven fundamental and universal needs of human being (ethics):

  1. Health
  2. Security
  3. Balance and well-being
  4. Inclusion and non-exclusion
  5. Respect for people and life in general
  6. Access to knowledge and accurate information
  7. to become a full person, creating a quality project

These needs have to be taken as a whole and without hierarchy.


This commitment is translated into clear action

  1. The continuous search for positive and constructive short, medium and long term effects at all levels of the organization. This is for instance the case in effects on the products and services offered, in the processes used, in the quality of professional experience of the people involved. It also is the case in the anticipation of the effects of changes, namely to the environment, future generations and a broader scope (i.e. the family of the people involved). We define this as ‘Global Quality on a Human Scale©’.
  2. A positive and dynamic attitude on life, change and communication, to significantly develop the skills and insights of people and achieve success.

“Ethical Leadership is the only form of leadership that allows us to go beyond the logic of short-term profits and favor the emergence of a truly sustainable development, allying economic performance with respect in the long-term, for people and their environment.” Edel Gött, founder of Research & Evolution and the origin of the Ethic’Evolution© label