Solution for Ethical Evolution©

SEE© is a tool for the daily management and monitoring of local development projects, particularly suited to projects for the protection, restoration and improvement of forests.

SEE© is especially valuable for 3 types of users :

  1. Project managers
    seeking to improve their organization, creating better management and optimized monitoring of projects.
  2. Project sponsors
    who want to know the efficiency/ effectiveness of their investment and the evolution of its local impact.
  3. Scientists
    looking to incorporate a tool to obtain a comprehensive view of the forest.

SEE© allows you to have a precise view of your projects on a micro scale, in real time and with visual illustrations (photos, videos, documents).  What is more, you can aggregate your project data to measure their combined macro impact. Navigation is intuitive and easy with a 100% web-based and secure architecture. You measure, centralize and share key data on the impact of your project for the seven basic needs of human beings. This way you can better manage, monitor and communicate about the effectiveness of your projects!

SEE© is an “MRV” software solution (Measure-Review-Verify) combining meta-databases XRM (eXtended Relationship Management) and GIS software (Geographic Information System) using the ESRI software (inventor of GIS and N ° 1 worldwide).

In 2012, SEE© was awarded by the Region Ile de France and the Francilien Innovation Centre as an important innovation for improving sustainable competitivity for companies in the region.

The first version is available since February 2013.