Kinomé offers advice to companies, institutions and NGOs, on how best to use the trees and the forest.
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Feasibility study



Client : DANONE, World Leader in dairy products

Its mission : Bring health to the largest number of people possible through food

Partners : SOS SahelNexira (previously known as CNI), Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

What we did : In 2007, after having demonstrated its positive impact on the yeast population, Kinomé offered Danone to use arabic gum from the Red Acacia (the acacia seyal tree) of the Sahel in its yoghurts instead of a derivative chemically transformed from starch.
This new use turns the acacia seyal tree into a source of recurring income for women and as a result it is less cut down (especially if in parallel the use is promoted of improved stoves that reduce wood consumption).

What we achieved : Since 2009, the Danone Group buys arabic gum in Chad and Cameroon via its supplier Nexira.
It participates in support to the arabic gum sector and access to water, with the NGO SOS Sahel, and the support of the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union. Kinomé just completed a feasibility study commissioned by the AFD to improve the quality and commercial aspects of the Chadian and Sudanese arabic gum industry.

The Acacia project  already has a positive impact on thousands of people.
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Project evaluation



Client : YVES ROCHER, French market leader  in the market of slimming products, face, makeup and hygienic products.

Its mission : Give the best of nature to women while preserving biodiversity.

Partners : Local and national contractors, stakeholders in the plant sector.

What we did :  Since 2008, Kinomé accompanies the Yves Rocher group in its durability efforts and accountability in the plant sector :

  1. Auditing of supply chains,
  2. Methodological support of the unit for coordination of the plant sector.

Kinomé helps the Yves Rocher Group to enhance its “Plant DNA” for the benefit of the greatest number, especially local people involved in the actions of the group in France (about 40 ha of organic medicinal plants), in Madagascar and elsewhere.

What we achieved : Since 2008, the Yves Rocher group lives a process of continuous analysis and  improvement, aiming to strengthen its 300 channels for the benefit of the thousands of people.


Shared savings



Client : BERTO, French leader in the rental of industrial vehicles with drivers.

Partenaires : Ademe, employees and collaborators of the Berto group.

What we did : In 2011, the Berto group signed the ADEME CO2 charter and it committed to a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions in a period of three years. Among the actions: driver trainings in eco-driving and the implementation of embedded IT systems to monitor fuel consumption. Spurred on by Kinomé, the Berto group decided to give more meaning to the program by re-investing a part of the savings in the protection of 100,000 trees in the dry forests of Peru.

Results : With Kinomé, the Berto group reduced its CO2 emissions and its energy bill, while motivating its drivers (who received a bonus) and making a valuable gesture of international solidarity. A beautiful demonstration of leadership.
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Client : ACCOR, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, present in 92 countries.

Partners : Employees and collaborators of the Accor group and 7 NGO’s : SOS SahelNordesta Reforestation&Education, Mihai Eminescu TrustPlant a Tree TodayA Tree For A ChildGreening AustraliaAmerican Forests.

What we did : In 2008, Accor decided to involve its 4,000 hotels under the leadership of Kinomé in the fight against deforestation and in the support local development, by implementing new environmental practices generating savings, with the “Your towels plant trees” initiative. When customers continue using their towels more than one night, they save money. They are invited by awareness message signs in the rooms, parallel to training materials distributed to the staff. 50% of the savings are distributed to seven reforestation projects selected and monitored by Kinomé worldwide, in Senegal, Brazil, Romania, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and the United States. This is the Plant for the Planet project supported by the UNEP.

What we achieved : The living conditions of thousands of people in the seven countries are improved thanks to the planted trees, room personnel and hotel staff are more aware of the issue and some had the chance to get involved by visiting the reforestation projects. The initiative created a collective mobilization and strengthened Accor’s commitment, with the 21 sustainable Development commitments made by Accor in April 2012 (Planet21).
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