Project Management

Kinomé proposes and manages three types of forest projects :  protection of existing forests, restoration of degraded forests, promotion of products and services from forests. Kinomé is committed to measuring outcomes and impacts.


Project ownership assistance



Client : ACCOR, the world’s leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, present in 92 countries.

Partners : Employees and collaborators of Accor group, 7 NGOs : SOS SahelNordesta Reforestation&Education, Mihai Eminescu TrustPlant a Tree TodayA Tree For A ChildGreening AustraliaAmerican Forests.

What we did : For the ‘Laundry Savings’ unit of Accor group, Kinomé helped in setting up the Plant for the Planet project. The objective is to plant 3 million trees by the end of 2013, with the commitment of the majority of 4,000 hotels of the group. Kinomé was responsible for the selection of seven promoters (out of 200 analyzed), the support of the seven project managers for the implementation of projects in the field, monitoring their results by conducting an annual audit and close monitoring. To bring meaning and added value to the project, Kinomé selected “integrated” reforesation projects. They involve the local population and maximize social benefits (eg. plantings executed by students in training), economical benefits (eg. economic valuation of honey produced from the flowers of the trees) and environmental benefits (eg. sand dune fixation by the tree roots, protecting vegetable production there).

What we achieved : More than one and a half million trees have already been planted and the target of 3 million by the end of the program seems within reach!
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Identification and follow-up of the projects



Client : Many partners asked us to identify projects to protect and/ or reforest. We were also anxious to leverage our large-scale action to improve the daily life of local people. This made it a logical step to create and accompany the Forest & Life movement, with support coming from five continents, the GDF SUEZ Foundation, Berto Group, Allianz, Labeyrie, Interval, Pro & Cie, the Green Spaces Agency of the Region Ile de France, and many others.

Partners : Villagers, NGO’s active locally, institutions, companies, scientists, schools, citizens.

What we did :  Since 2010 the Forest & Life movement includes initiatives for reforestation and forest protection, aiming to improve the daily life of local people. Active in seven countries, it aims to contribute to plant and protect 15 billion trees by 2018 and each of the following 10 years, to return to the forest cover state of 1960 (with a population that has tripled). Kinomé created Forest & Life and is in charge of international coordination of the movement. It contributes to research funding and guarantees the quality of its projects, including measuring their impact on the  7 fundamental needs of humans by using the  SEE© tool.

What we achieved : Forest & Life is the first international movement involving all stakeholders in reforestation. It already brings together more than 10,000 members who have already contributed in planting and protecting trees in 15 countries.
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Capitalisation and wording of the projects



Clients : SOS Sahel, and Agence Française de Développement (AFD)
Partners : Local communities, stakeholders in the sector in Chad and Sudan.

What we did : Kinomé produced an in-depth report In June 2012 on behalf of SOS Sahel Chad. It assessed their actions in the field of the three previous years and identified the best suited ways forward for the second phase of the programme, in improvement and further deployment.

Results : Based on the impact analysis of the project on local populations, the study proved the link between the structuring of the Arabic Gum sector and access to water (reduction of disease and of time needed to fetch water, doubling the amount of collected gum), and the importance of continuing the structuring of women’s groups (progressive constitution of natural savings, improved gathering and storage techniques, new activities generating income).



Client : National Agency of Ecovillages (Senegal), United Nations Programme for Development (UNPD), and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Partners : Local actors  (local communities, NGO’s, companies, etc.)

What we did : In 2010-2011, Kinomé formulated the strategy, activities, budget and planning of a programme of poverty reduction and sustainable management of natural resources through the establishment of a pilot ecovillage network. By participatory management of natural resources, the establishment of more efficient forestry-agro-pastoral systems and the development of renewable energy, these villages reduce their environmental footprint and increase their autonomy. Kinomé also identified and negotiated public-private partnerships enhancing the lasting quality of the system.

What we achieved : The study helped build the foundation for the development of an Ecovillage programme in Senegal and propose a plan for deployment to other African countries.