Kinomé offers consulting services

Kinomé proposes and produces advice for companies, institutions and NGO’s, on how to benefit most from trees and forests.

Kinomé and its expert network deliver you a global and innovative vision.

Case study

Clients : Companies, institutions, NGOs.

Areas: All areas of activity may be related to forest management. Especially important are cosmetics, health, agriculture/ food, green chemistry, natural resource management, and community development.

Offre : étude de faisabilité technico-économique et environnementale.

What we offer: Technical-economic and environmental feasibility studies
The objective: Identify whether products and ingredients from the forest (i.e. timber, fruit, honey, mushrooms, seeds, resins, gums) or services provided by the forest (i.e. drinking water, soil stabilization, preservation of biodiversity) can improve your products or operations.

What we did:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Studies of the structure of channels for sustainable supplies and a fair distribution of added value
  3. Project description
  4. Support for the implementation of projects
  5. Definition of indicators and impact monitoring protocols
  6. Communication.
See the project “ACACIA” / Client : DANONE

Project evaluation

Clients : Projet managers in companies, institutions and NGO’s.
Areas : Local development in the broadest sense, with or without a forest challenge .

What we offer : Management and monitoring support for projects.

  1. Technical and managerial expertise,
  2. Software solution (SEE© tool).

The objective : Assist in structuring, deploying, and improving the impact of your project.

What we did :
Managerial and technical expertise :

  1. Identification of project indicators (participatory approach with the project partners, combined with an internal database as support);
  2. Implementing an impact measurement strategy;
  3. Analysis and result reporting,
  4. Formulating an improvement plan.

Software solution (SEE© tool) :

  1. Assessment of the project leader’s needs to propose the specific scope of the solution,
  2. Implementing the solution internally, maintenance and updating,
  3. Training in the use of the tool.
See the project “COSMETICAL CHANNELS” / Client: Yves Rocher

Shared savings

Clients : Mainly companies

Domains : All human activity that generates greenhouse gas emissions

What we offer : Identification of mechanisms to reduce the environmental footprint and create benefits for partial reinvestment in forestation projects

Objective : Introduce innovative, motivating accelerators for economical and environmental positive change

What we did :

  1. Identification of reduction levers
  2. Description of projects for reduction and reinvestment in reforestation
  3. Support in implementing the project (including management of the the impact of increasing reforestation
  4. Communication
See the project “SAVING GAZOIL” / Client : BERTO
See the project “SAVING ON LAUNDRY” / Client : ACCOR