Project Management

Kinomé proposes and manages 3 types of forest management projects: protection of existing projects,  restoration of degraded forests, promotion of products and services from forests.
Kinomé guarantees accurate measuring of outcomes and impacts.

Project ownership assistance

Type of clients : Project managers in business, institutions and NGO’s.

Areas : Local development in the broadest sense, with or without a forest challenge.

What we offer :  Project management support.

Objective : Set up and follow up on turnkey projects for third parties.

What we did :

  1. Need assessment and diagnosis,
  2. Identification of partners (local village communities, NGO’s, institutions, companies, scientific organizations, schools, individuals, etc).
  3. Project concept and description,
  4. Setting up of local projects and implementation support for local project managers,
  5. Monitoring,
  6. Communication.
See the project “PLANT FOR THE PLANET” / Client : ACCOR

Identification and follow-up of the projects

Type of Clients : bailleurs de projets cherchant une garantie de qualité et d’impact de leur engagement, que vous soyez entreprises, institutions ou ONG.

Areas : Protection, restoration and development of forest products and services.

What we offer : Support in identifying quality projects, participation in setting them up, support and monitoring

Objective : Propose a wide range of projects that suit your needs

What we did :

  1. Need assessment,
  2. Identification of projects,
  3. Monitoring,
  4. Communication.
See the movement “FOREST&LIFE” / Client : DIVERS

Capitalisation and wording of the projects

Type of Clients : institutions and NGOs.

Areas : Local development in the broadest sense, with or without a forest challenge.

What we offer : Assessments, strategy development and multiplication, definition of new projects.

Objectif : Support the development and/ or the multiplication of your existing projects.

What we did :

  1. Diagnosis,
  2. Recommendations for the continuation (or not) of the project and/ or definition of a new project,
  3. Search for multiplication effects (human, financial, organizational).
See the project “ARABIC GUM” / Client : SOS SAHEL, AFD