The Tree of commitment, opening event of The Planetary Week for a Better World

Saturday, June 8, was the launch day of The Planetary Week for a Better World.

For this event, the tree of commitment, a hundred year-old olive tree, was displayed at the bottom of the Sacré-Cœur gardens in Paris, in partnership with Forest&Life and thanks to the generosity of la Ferme de Gally.

Many commitments were taken and and hung to the tree, by people coming from all over the World (Asia, North America, South America, Europe). After hanging their commitment to the tree, these people were given a bracelet that read “I act for a better world”.

Those commitments were made to themselves, to others, in order to create a better World.

A Flash Mob and a Taïko show (Japanese drums) were also organized, and several events will take place during this Planetary Week for a Better World.

30 June 2015
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29 June 2015
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18 June 2015
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29 April 2015
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19 August 2013
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21 March 2013
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16 March 2013
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15 March 2013
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26 February 2013
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