When women get involved…

The SOPREEF is a rural solidarity-based enterprise located in Sokone, Senegal. This enterprise’s goal is to make its activities profitable to a maximum of people. But, solidarity is not a one-way road, risking to quickly turn into a cul-de-sac.

Two women, Ndeye AÏda Mbow and Diama Ndao quickly understood the challenge. Within their villages, they’ve organized the harvest of seeds from the Neem, the Bissap and the Jatropha, three species providing Sokone’s oil mill.

It’s they who class what other women and children deliver at the collection point. They weigh the harvests and pay with the money in the account of the SOPREEF Sometimes they lend the money when this account is empty. In least than a year the two women have gathered 530 kg (that’s 1060 pounds) of seeds form Neem, Jatropha and Bissap trees.

Until now, these two women only get the price of what they harvest by themselves. Nevertheless, the help they bring in developing SOPREEF’s activities is precious. A next meeting of the local actors of the region will determine the way the SOPREFF can help themselves to develop their own economic activities and make this association, which is profitable for everyone, get ahead.


Diama Ndao collecting seeds for Sokone’s oil mill (April 2015 - @Présent d’Avenir)

Diama Ndao collecting seeds for Sokone’s oil mill. (April 2015 – @Présent d’Avenir)



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